The core of our business, our understanding of the intricacies of construction, our ability to control the details and schedule is our capabilities to perform work ourselves. To staff and execute the unskilled through the skilled trades and to the fine finish trades. We self-perform all of the typical non-MEP activities required during an interior fit-out including Structural Framing, Inte­rior Glazed Partition Systems, Millwork, Finish Carpentry, GWB and ACT Systems, Painting and Flooring.

We can also provide full moving and FF&E procurement and support.

By understanding the highest levels of quality we are equipped to demand that same level of quality from the artisans and crafts­men we retain. Those tradesmen are only as good as the management and supervisory staff who are the guarantors of quality and schedule. This is particularly important as the IMF requires immediate and flawless execution. Our staff understands the importance of proper planning and flawless execution.


We are a District of Columbia Certified Business Enterprise, with offices in Ward 8 and a dedication and record of over compliance with the District of Columbia’s own requirements for CBE participation and resident hiring on both publicly and privately funded projects. Our Apprenticeship Programs help develop our unskilled labor into tradespeople capable at the highest levels of work.

We are a construction company first and foremost but also a company intent on providing long-term opportunities for our employees. We actively seek out people who have unlimited potential but have not been allowed an environment in which to thrive. We have built a family and provided an environment of shared responsibility and ownership over our work and have many success stories and a formidable team of dedicated employees.


Saxon Collaborative Construction has a passion for construction. For us, that means always focusing on our client’s needs with honesty, reliability and integrity, we take a great deal of pride in the professionalism and craftsmanship of the work we do.

A complete Responsiveness to our Client’s Goals and the program objectives. During construction, owners and architects need flexibility so they can develop the owner’s unique vision for a project. We strive to honor this vision by fully understanding the client’s goals whether they be primarily driven by cost, quality or schedule.

Attention to Detail in the preconstruction or bid phase, and during the construction phase is paramount to our vision for the project. From understanding the scope of work and the technical trades during the bid process to our paperwork during the construction process to our execution of the work, Attention to Detail is paramount.

We strive to give our clients the time and information necessary for them to make Informed Decisions during the construction process. The best outcomes are possible when each decision on the scope or quality of the project is made with the full knowl­edge of its impact on cost and schedule.

Our Fundamental Knowledge of the Trades and their intricacies allows us to purchase the work from our vendors correctly, fully understand the integration of building systems and finishes with one another and to schedule work appropriately.

Our Efficient Site Supervision ensures our commitment to quality, schedule and Owner goals.