SAXON was awarded a project through the District of Columbia Public Schools.  As part of that award we were to be held to strict hiring and subcontracting goals with regards to hiring District of Columbia residents.  Our team, at that time a very small team, got together to discuss the best way to perform this work.  We knew that it could be a profitable project and we could, as many of these projects are, subcontract the entirety of the work, collect a management fee, and move on.  We agonized over the decision as a very young company.  Maximizing profits and minimizing risks seemed tempting.  But something stuck with us in that while this project could benefit the company it could also benefit the community.  We decided to 100% self-perform the work.  And we decided to hire and train 100% District residents.

Since that time we have built a balanced work force that allows us to achieve a high level of quality and efficiency in our self-performed work and to focus on giving our people the tools to grow personally and succeed in their careers.  We look forward to expanding our support network for our employees including skills building and savings plans as our company grows.

We are very proud of our crews and they are proud to be part of this growing team.