SAXON is a full-service builder with the resources, experience and determination to deliver complex, high-end projects in a sophisticated construction environment.

We understand the work in its fullest phase and believe in a thorough and set protocol for planning and running our phase a construction project.  From the moment we are retained on a project, whether in as a subcontractor or as a general contractor, we devote our attention to the details of the project.  The interconnectedness of the design to the mechanical systems, the rough construction and the finishes fully informs our approach to the work.

This understanding, and unerring commitment the Owner’s goals, allows our field supervision, subcontractors and Principals to guide the process while taking full accountability for the success of the project.

We are pleased to provide our statement of qualifications.

Our entire approach to a project is founded in a complete understanding of the Owner’s goals for aesthetics, schedule and budget and a planned execution based on those parameters. We have an extreme sensitivity to our client’s need for flexibility and their demand for flawless execution in challenging environments.

By understanding the highest levels of quality, SAXON is best equipped to demand that same level of quality from the artisans and craftsmen we employ. Those tradespeople are only as good as the management and supervisory staff who are our guarantors of quality. Our staff is unique in its intense exposure to high-end interior construction. We do not need to retrain our “eye for quality” as we do not perform work on projects where “good-enough” is acceptable.

Dedicated to quality, integrity and extraordinary service.  As a mid-sized firm, we are large enough to provide the breadth and depth of service that projects demand, yet small enough to offer the personalized service our Clients deserve.